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In response to the needs of feltmakers who need a more robust wool than merino we have produced a range of carded wools that are of a higher micron than the merino range. This is prefered by those who need a harder wearing product. Needle felters who produce 3D figures often like to work with a coarser fibre and this blend should fit their needs.

Scandanavian wools are noted for the robust quality of felt they produce.

By carefully blending Norwegian and Swedish wools including Gotland types a consistant quality felting/spinning blend is made. The wools are carefully washed dyed and then carded.

This blend gives a more robust type of felt for the more hard wearing projects. This wool is good for felt slipper making or a for a good tough bag or 3D form. As hand spun it will produce a good hard wearing outdoor jumper yarn.

The colour range gives a good selection of animal and plant type shades for the makers of felted animals.

The unit of sale is by size 45cm by 48cm - this is approximately 80g - 115g per batt.

Also have a look at the blends page in the wools section.
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